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Online marketing and design specialists based in London and Essex. We are Surge.

Good evening.

We are a performance focused digital marketing agency with our head office in London and a production team based in Essex. We blend a passion for digital experiences with a love of performance based online marketing.

The result is an agency that pioneers creative marketing techniques for small to medium sized businesses.

We focus on delivering award winning campaigns for small to mid sized businesses across London and Essex.

Increasing Online ROI For Businesses Big and Small

All aspects of online marketing can be measured and we just love pouring over stats. This enables us to create campaigns for our clients that quickly reveal the level of return being achieved. By creating performance orientated digital marketing campaigns for our client companies we can identify what works for them and then scale up that activity.

We work with businesses of all types. We do not focus on any one area but do focus on the dental marketing sector through our sub brand Dental Max. here at Surge we have experience across a huge range of sectors.

Building Relationships Across London and Essex

Beyond our obsessions for results we focus heavily on communication and transparency with our clients. The strong relationships that we forge with the companies that we work with mean that referrals is our biggest source of new work. This is something that we are very proud of and our army of very happy clients do most of our marketing for us.

We repeatedly hear how vague many other agencies are in their dealings with their clients. Particularly around search engine optimisation. We on the other hand lay everything bare and our so proud of all of the work that we do that we make sure that our clients understand exactly what it is that we are doing for them. This drives client confidence and paves the way for the type of long term relationships that we enjoy.

To begin your relationship with us just get in touch.

What our clients are saying...
We were told to expect 1st page rankings within 6 months and that is exactly what was delivered. I definitely recommend Surge for their digital marketing expertise.
— Lee Parsons, Office Principles
Stephen’s expertise and digital strategy is second to none and has guided us to become a digital leader in our sector.
— Christian, Mutinee
Competition in London for my keywords is huge but Surge’s digital marketing has enabled me to stay ahead of the competition and grow my business.
— Maggie Morrow, Klearminds
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