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Search Engine Optimisation.

With a 9 year history of achieving top rankings from our offices in London & Essex, our team has the skill and experience to take your site up the rankings and secure them long term.

Fit Hitched we put together a content marketing campaign that involved creating high value articles, research papers and a multiple series of infographics for distribution to third party websites.

5+ years of steady progress and Hitched remain the UK’s leading online wedding resource and averages over 1.3 million unique visitors per month.

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What Is Involved?
  • On-page Optimisation.

    We review the content and structural set up of your website to make sure that it will perform well in search engines. We look at a range of factors including your average visitor time on page, how your visitors interact with the page content and more to make sure that your content represents the best possible foundation for search engine success.

  • Content Strategy.

    High rankings now require that your site is content rich. We work to position your website as a thought leader in its sector through the content published to your site. This involves establishing an angle from which to approach content and creating a detailed strategy and road-map for the creation/publishing of that content to the website.

  • Social Media Optimisation.

    In the past it was all about getting links straight to your website. Now it is also about who is sharing links to your content via social media platforms. We make sure that social media is suitably integrated into your website to allow easy sharing of your very best content.

  • Valuable Links With Outreach.

    Links to your site are still the driving force of top rankings. However, Google no longer rewards you for building links. They need to be earned and this involves us creating high value content (such as white papers, visual guides, infographics, small animations and videos) to share to your audience. We then pitch that content to high quality websites in related sectors, with a view to them publishing the content and linking to you as the originators. This way you naturally earn the links and search engines reward your site accordingly.

What our clients are saying...
We were told to expect 1st page rankings within 6 months and that is exactly what was delivered. I definitely recommend Surge for their digital marketing expertise.
— Lee Parsons, Office Principles
Getting onto the 1st page and going head to head with the biggest financial websites was something that I wanted to try but didn't actually expect would succeed. Simply awesome.
— Max Sharpe, Provided For
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