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Free Website Privacy Policy Template

We are very lucky in that one of our team [Stephen] is an ecommerce Solicitor. Most of Stephen’s time is spent advising our clients on Internet and Digital strategy but he also acts as a consultant Solicitor to a leading Essex Law firm.

Stephen has been drafting privacy policies for our Clients for years and we thought it would be nice to make our templates available to the wider public free.

You can download your free privacy policy template by clicking on the link below. All we ask is that you leave our link in the document to let your own visitors know where the policy originated from.

Download our free Website Privacy Policy Template

Simply click the “download” button above to download your privacy policy template. The template is formatted in Microsoft Word and is in template format. This means that you need to complete the information that is in the square brackets ([]) and then delete the square brackets to complete your document. Then simply have your web developer upload it to your website or blog. Please leave the link back to our Website in the document so that people know where the document came from.

Download Free Template

Why do you need a privacy policy on Your Website

If you collect any personal data from visitors to your website then it is a legal requirement that you have a privacy policy on your website. Even if you just have a newsletter sign up that will require you to have a privacy policy on your website. Most of the leading search engines will not allow you to run paid advertisements on their engine unless your website has a privacy policy. SO it makes a lot of sense to add a privacy policy to your website. Especially as the template is free and it will take you less than five minutes to complete it.

We have a range of great free tools which you can check out on our free tools page.