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Are you an SEO Sceptic?

I can understand if you’re sceptical of SEO to be honest – I was exactly the same! However it is the mainstay of our business and we wouldn’t have many returning clients and I would not be able to keep my employees in jobs each month if it did not work.

I think the trouble is people think of it as a black art or that you need to trick the search engines into being shown. Neither are true.

The search engines use algorithms (software) to choose the order of their listings for each and every key phrase, it’s just a matter of knowing how these algorithms work and how they rank sites. The problem here is that the algorithms change a lot, minor changes almost weekly and major changes every few months and they like to keep them secret. My guys and girls spend a considerable amount of time researching these changes via a variety of methods including by reading Google patents. This keeps us ahead of the game and allows us to adjust things ahead of changes, this means our clients obtain and retain the top spots. This approach means that our strategies can be very efficient as we know what needs to be done and what can be ignored while still getting great results.

The current search engines use two main areas to rank websites: relevance and authority. So by having great, relevant (for the key phrases you want to target), high quality, non spammy content on your site and the right ‘tags’ and a promotion campaign including links and social signals your site can cover both things.

Our SEO packages cover both of the above. Once target keywords are decided we analyse, map out and report on the on page changes needed to become as relevant a possible. We do this in the first month.

Once the above foundations are in place we set about promoting your site via high quality back links obtained via sharing content including video, articles, images, info graphics, blogs and social networks. We pick the sites we promote by hand and we do our promotion manually and naturally and allow them to be shared virally.

So as you can see there is in fact some degree of science to seo as well as a great deal of experience too. Some members of my team have more than ten years experience of doing this so they have honed their art.

So in conclusion it can work, it does work but SEO needs to be approached from the right direction.

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