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Free Digital Marketing?

We’re a company that specialises in Digital Marketing, we love to work for as wide a range of clients as possible but sometimes companies don’t have the budget or they want to do some of their Digital Marketing in house. So what can they do without investing any money (and not much time) into it?

Here’s a list of the top things you can do for FREE to promote your business online:

Twitter: Get a profile on Twitter and start tweeting. It’s free to sign up to twitter, follow some people that interest you or are in your market, write some interesting or intriguing things and show people what’s going on with your business or your website. Once you’re up and running why not follow us too, we’re @surgedigital!

Google Local: Get listed on local directories like Google Local. There are many others like Qype and Facebook has its own local places. Add your business and some more details like images or deals. You’d be amazed by how many people search for local businesses via Google or on their smartphone or tablet.

Content:Re-word your website so that it sounds fantastic! Google loves websites with great and unique content and users do too, so take some time to read and re-read your website. You’d be amazed how many people don’t actually know what their website says as it was written by someone else or by a copywriter or web designer. Correct any errors and make it read really well, always write text that says exactly what you want people to think about your business, after all they’re not mind readers!

Webmaster Tools: Another great (and free) tool from Google. This one shows you more detail about your website like its structure, any issues and where you rank (not that accurate). It can provide some really useful information.

Contact Us: Get some free advice from Surge Digital by calling 0203 514 3108! We’re a really friendly bunch and always like to help where we can.

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