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Google Panda

A lot of people have recently been affected by the Google Panda update. It has been widely publicised that drops in rankings can be attributed to poor quality content like:

  • Duplicate content,
  • RSS feed problems,
  • Bad canonical tags,
  • Too many ads,
  • Bad on-page optimisation

This is great but what can you do if you have been hit by the big bad Panda?! Well one thing that doesn’t seem to fix just replacing your content, sorry. You need to start doing some other things on your site as well…It seems to come down to user generated content (things added by users) and involving your customers (and prospects) and giving something back, this is not something new as it’s always helped your rankings but now it’s really important. Here’s a list of the the things you can do to get Google to love you again:


  1. Add testimonials to your site (not the same on every page though please).
  2. Create some nice product tutorials (video or text-driven)
  3. Add a ratings system.
  4. Add reviews
  5. Create a discussion board
  6. Build a customer driven Wiki
  7. Create some guides or FAQ’s
  8. Get social with social blog comments tweets or likes.

The more you can get your customers involved the better so why not come up with some games, prize draws or other things to get people linking or sharing your URL’s. Basically start being imaginative and get people involved.As always we’re on hand to help too!

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