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How We Do It
Lightning Storm

We provide premium digital marketing services with local branches, service and pricing… but how and why do we do it this way.

There are many digital marketing agencies in the UK but when we launched Surge all those years ago, we spotted a gap in the market.

There seemed to be two extremes in this market; there are the top notch London agencies that charge a premium and the local agencies that charge much less. So we launched Surge to provide the premium services you would expect from a leading London agency (our head office is in Farringdon) but with pricing and customer service you would expect from a local agency (we have locations in Essex, Hampshire, Surrey and Berkshire at present).

We did this because we believe that businesses should not have to pay a premium and they should be able to visit us locally.

We have invested in a network of branches in London, Surrey, Hampshire and Berkshire and have just opened our new office in Colchester, Essex. This means that people can visit us locally and get our exceptional services wherever they are and we are expanding these offices all of the time.

We have also invested in our own proprietary reporting systems so our customers get a level of reporting that is unsurpassed and they can access this information online 24-7.

But what makes this all work is our team. We hire people from leading digital marketing agencies and from other online businesses, people that are exceptional at what they do. Without these people we would not be able to provide the leading services we do.

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