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PR Is Now An Important SEO Factor
PR Equals SEO Love Image

In a recent patent filed on 25th March 2014 Google disclosed in detail one of the 200+ factors that it uses to determine the search engine rankings for a website. 

Google Patent Image

In recent months there has been a growing shift towards digital PR as an effective means of generating high quality links and references to a website. The question of whether “non link” references to the website actually contribute towards that site’s SEO.

The answer is that they definitely do and as a result good digital PR will no doubt take an even more prominent role in the digital marketeers tool kit.

What Aspect Of PR Is An SEO Factor?

According to the wording in the patent “implied links” contribute positively towards a website’s SEO. An “implied link” is referred to as a reference to the brand that does not actually contain a link to the brand’s website. This is very common with PR which often secures a mention of the brand without a link through to the actual website.

Grow Your Brand Grow Your SEO Position

For digital marketers this is a valuable revelation by Google. With Google’s recent focus on back links and the release of numerous familiar algorithm updates designed to track down “built” links forward thinking SEOs have moved away from link building altogether and towards digital PR.

We are one such agency. Our own in house SEO team focuses heavily on digital PR to increase client’s search presence. From my experience Digital PR does consistently secures links to the website that is being promoted but it secures even more brand references and there was a lot of doubt over whether such brand references actually counted for anything from an SEO perspective.

Well, there is doubt no more! 

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