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Do Not Hire Us

That got your attention! Now you are here why not read on to see exactly why you should hire us at Surge Creative for your design needs:

We Really Care About Our Work

We believe that the care and thought we put into each and every design job we take on (whether big or small) is of paramount importance. We will never send something out to a client that is passable, or rush a job to make more profit, we ensure that our designs have the finesse and professionalism that you as the customer are expecting.

We Understand How To Make Websites That Convert

There is no point having a beautifully made website if people are not going to find it or buy from it! With our strong background in Ecommerce and marketing we ensure that your website is optimised to give you the best start on the web! All our websites are built with conversion and increased revenue in mind.

We Are A People Friendly Design Agency

It is never our intention to baffle our customers with ridiculous technical jargon. Our customer manager will always be happy to talk anything over with you in plain English over the phone (or a coffee!)


On a slightly different note we feel we must mention that our designers’ professionalism and integrity prevent us from plagiarising another person or company’s website. If you see a website you like our designers will be happy to create a site that has the same sort of theme or feel to it but we will not ever out and out steal someone else’s design.