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We have been building e-Commerce websites for many years to sell all kinds of products. We built e-commerce websites on strong, scalable platforms that can handle any number of products.

Our e-Commerce websites come fully search engine optimised, out of the box and we can market your shiny new site using our in house team of digital marketing experts.

Contact us today to view a selection of our latest and greatest e-Commerce creations.

What we use for e-commerce development

We always use best of breed tools whatever the requirement, so if you are looking for an e-Commerce site that can handle a large number of products and categories and can process a large number of customer orders with ease then we recommend Magento. Magento is in use by some of the worlds leading companies like Ford, Skype and Lenovo so you can be confident it will be able to handle your requirement.

We are experts at building bespoke Magento sites that can look and feel anyway you want them to, while benefitting from stable foundations.

How we build

We always follow a 4 step process when building any website including an e-Commerce site:

Mock-up – based upon your thoughts on design, colour and any other sites you like the look of we will mockup what your site could look like.

Design – once you are happy with the mock-up we will do a full design based on your feedback. This design will cover all aspects of the site including homepage, product and category pages and other pages such as blogs etc.

Build – once you have signed off the above design elements we will built the site on a test server. As soon as it’s ready we’ll present it to you to view and test from end to end. This is when we / you can add content, products etc.

Live – we will implement any feedback from the above stage and then move the site over to a live server, and you are ready to go.