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Our Story So Far...

"From small beginnings come great things."


Stephen (then a full time internet and eCommerce law lawyer) launches a credit card comparison website to experiment with his hobby SEO skills.


18 months after the site launching, Stephen's "hobby" became the 3rd biggest (by volume) lead generator in the credit card sector and signed an exclusive contract with MBNA.


Due to a growing number of SEO consultancy contracts with his ecommerce clients Stephen launches AliveWalls SEO consultancy and (despite being in the midst of a recession) quits the legal profession.

Jay joins Stephen as a web designer to compliment the SEO services being offered and they run a fledgling agency from Stephen’s dining room table.

Hermione with hobby level interest in social media and the bubbliest of personalities joins the team to offer social media services and to manage the growing client base.


Ongoing questions about wallpapering services lead to our rebranding as Surge Digital and our move to our 1st office. Not much more than a cubicle really.


The team doubles in size as the client base continues to grow and PPC management services are added to our portfolio.


To accommodate our growing team (now 9) we take on the adjoining office in Colchester. Most of our clients are based in London and so we open a small office in East London to make meeting with them easier. Just 45 minutes by train from Colchester.

Growing demand for creative services and a shift to a "content marketing" approach to SEO and social media leads to the expansion of the design team.


Our growing reputation for driving traffic and creating high converting web pages leads to the team expanding yet again (by 4 this time) to accommodate the growing client base and to ensure we continue to deliver 1st class services and client support. The production team feel a little sardine like in our office so we upgrade to a shiny new one.

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