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Design Reports

The design and layout of your website is not just a question of aesthetics. It will determine how much money you make. People tend to have their websites designed around what they like or find attractive. We are all individuals and our own taste may not reflect the taste of the majority. With websites it is very common to find that a site has been designed to please the website owner rather than its visitors.

The result can then be that the site does not convert its traffic as well as it could. Our team have a lot of experience working on conversion optimisation. This involves tweaking and testing alternative looks and layouts to work out EXACTLY what results in more enquiries, sales or leads.

Our design reports literally pay for themselves. In some instances we have increased conversion by as much as 30%. Even better the increase in profits is seen literally overnight!

Our design reports highlight what could be improved on a website and focus on:

  • Visitor engagement – if your traffic is not hanging around it will hurt your search rankings.
  • Visitor navigation – The old saying that no part of your website should be more than 3 clicks away still holds true.
  • Visitor conversion – lots of traffic but few sales? Conversion optimisation is the art of maximising your ROI through design.

Give us a call and lets talk about reviewing your current website.