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Yes we guarantee your SEO success!

It is true that no agency can guarantee that they will secure you position 1 rankings as there are simply too many variable factors – primarily that your competitors are also likely to be progressing their own rankings. However, if they have sufficient skill, expertise and experience then they should be able to at least guarantee that you will reach page 1 and that your traffic will grow as a result.

We have the skill, expertise and experience to do just that. We guarantee that within 12 months of retaining our SEO services you will be on page 1 for a range of your keywords or we will refund your fees IN FULL! The only caveat is that you contract us for at least 7 hours per month (our £495 per month plan) for local business and 10 hours per month for national businesses. This is because we know from experience that spending these amounts of time is sufficient to always reach the top. A lower hourly budget is going to achieve good progress but at that level we can only guarantee that your traffic will increase.

So what are you waiting for?! – Book your free consultation and/or SEO audit today.