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Link Building

Link Building

Link building is our speciality. We are experts at analysing a website and it’s link profile to work out what is the missing factor or factors that are going to get your site the top spots. We believe in link building the right way, with neutral, on topic links from a range of sources. We don’t just get loads of the same links as this looks suspect to the search engines and means that if the search engines drop this type of link from their algorithm your rankings will plummet. We get a range of links from a range of relevant sources.

Link building is a hugely important factor in improving the Search Engine rankings of any website. It is said that on-page factors (such as text, images and basic pages tags) are only responsible for 20% of your rankings and the rest is ‘off site’, basically link building.

Why Do Links Matter

Links are considered ‘votes’ for your websites. So like an election the more votes you get the higher your site will rank for a given keywords, right? Well is does not quite work like that. Unfortunately not all links are born equal in the eyes of the search engines.

How Many Links

Well it all depends on what type of links, low quality links from places like low page rank sites, directories (except Yahoo or DMOZ etc.) or article directories don’t really account for much in the overall scheme of things so you will need lots and lots. These days its not all about how many links you can get but more about the quality and where they are from. So a link from a high page site will account for an incredible amount of low quality links.