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Search Engine Optimisation Service

Surge’s Search Engine Optimisation Service

Search Engine Optimisation (or SEO for short) is the process of optimising your website so that it appears higher in the search engines rankings for particular keywords or keyphrases.

Search engines such as Google have very complicated algorithms that rank each site for every keyword or phrase that is searched for and displays websites in this order to the user. The search engine algorithm’s are very much a secret (a bit like Coca Cola’s special recipe) and also changes very frequently.

Surge Digital was founded by two highly experience internet marketing experts and only employs only very experienced consultants who spend a great deal of time keeping up to date with the latest changes. Surge consultants know instinctively what changes are needed for your site to achieve top rankings.

The Components of Our Search Engine Optimisation Service

There are two components within SEO, on page and off page optimisation. On page optimisation attributes around 20% to your rankings and off page 80%.

On Page Optimisation »

On page optimisation involves analysing and re-coding certain elements of the pages within your website to make them more appealing to search engine algorithms for particular terms.

Off Page Optimisation »

Off page optimisation (or link building) involves building up the number of 3rd party sites linking back to your website.