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Off Page Optimisation

Off Page Optimisation

Off page optimisation or link building is the process of getting 3rd party sites to link back to your websites in a way that promotes your website for particular keywords or phrases.

Link building can easily be considered more complicated than on page optimisation and there are therefore many web design and search engine optimisation companies who do not even provide this service or do so without results. Surge Digital have been link building for 10 years to great success.

There are many types of possible backlink that can be created and it is the type, quantity, quality and relevance of where this link is placed amongst other factors that the search engines use to give your site its ranking.

Link building is not a numbers game for example many low quality links do not equal the value of one high quality link. It is also imperative that the the links obtained are of a mixed variety and the proportions of each link type are closely controlled.

Bespoke, Varied Off Page Optimisation (Link Building) Plans

The first challenge with link building is construct a link building plan that will achieve top rankings in the fastest possible time whilst creating rankings that are sustainable. There are some companies that use dubious techniques (known as black hat SEO) to artificially create good rankings for a short period of time. This is not a technique that will create long term top rankings and may even get your site penalised by dropping it down the rankings (also known as Sandboxing) or removed from the listings completely!

It is also important that your link profile be varied and look as natural as possible so that your site is not penalised. In order to do this our consultants will analyse your sites current link profile (the list of links pointing back to the site) and will start by plugging the gaps in the current profile. Once this is done or if the site is new or does not have many back-links we will provide a completely bespoke plan.

Surge digital’s SEO consultants are experts at analysing link profiles and building bespoke link building plans. Some SEO companies will only provide one type of link (a popular one at the time of writing is blog posts) as it easier to do this. This is a very dangerous strategy as the search engines analyse each and every link and if a lot of the links appear to be of the same type they can penalise your site or you may never see improved results.

As previously mentioned search engine algorithms value each type of link differently and their perception of different types of links constantly changes. If a site’s rankings are built on one type of link its rankings can be significantly affected by these changes. This can have a huge impact on the future success of a business.

We always create varied, bespoke link building plans for every site that we optimise and constantly adapt these plans based on your sites performance, number of links and search engine algorithm updates.