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On Page Optimisation

On Page Optimisation

Surge digital has 10 years experience (and a combined experience of many decades) of providing expert on page optimisation. Simply by looking at your website and the code behind it our consultants will be able to advise and implement changes that will dramatically improve the optimisation of your site and pages.

The changes we make do change as search engine algorithms progress and can include the following as well as others:

Title Tags

Adjustment of title tags to reflect the keywords or phrases being targeted, unfortunately this is not as simple as just throwing the terms in!

Meta Descriptions

Adjustment of meta descriptions to include keywords. Meta descriptions are the piece of text you see in a search engines list, we are expert at making these both optimised and appealing to visitors.


Optimisation of images. This includes the optimisation of images sizes, image names, alt and title tags.


Optimisation of heading tags to target particular keywords or phrases (again not as simple as throwing in the keywords).


Optimisation of body text to include keywords and phrases. This can be quite difficult balancing act as you need to include the key phrases enough to be picked up but not too much to make the page look spammy (and be penalised by the search engines) whilst remaining appealing to the user.

Site Structure

Optimisation of site structure. We will advise on any changes in site structure that are needed to achieve top rankings. This includes techniques such as siloing.

Page Structure

Optimisation of page structure to be more search engine readable and friendly. This may include some tidying up of poor html coding or removal of large amounts of on page scripting or styles.


Addition or optimisation and submission of html and xml sitemaps.

Url Structure

Optimisation of URLs. It is important that the name of the page reflects the contents and what is being optimised for and is also easily identifiable by the search engine algorithms. Dynamic URL’s are an example of URL’s that are not optimised.