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SEO Reporting


Our reporting is much more detailed and more valuable than you get elsewhere, we provide a monthly report that details:

Keywords and Traffic Available

Current Keyword Position and Comparison Data

Line Graphs plotting positions for every keyword and how they have changed.

Traffic stats including visitors, page views, bounce rate, pages per visit, time on site, referring data (sites and percentage sources), top keywords, top referrers, top search engines, top landing pages.

Keyword opportunities.

Content opportunities.


We also provide monthly notes direct from our team of SEO strategists, on page SEO experts, link builders and our other digital marketing experts. This details the performance of your website within the last month and what has been achieved including:

Improvements in traffic and stats.

Improvements in conversion (where conversion tracking is available).

What we have done.

What we intend to do going forward.

Changes the the search engine algorithms.

Ways that you can help the process.