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KlearMinds — Case Study

Klearminds.com are a team of counsellors, psychotherapists and life coaches in London who specialise in anxiety, depression, self confidence and  relationships. We at Surge helped to restructure and optimise her existing ad campaign to maximise visibility and increase clicks.

The brief

KlearMinds contacted us to look at a variety of digital marketing issues. The brief was simple: extend our client base as quickly as possible. The business had traditionally relied heavily on word of mouth marketing but that was resulting in significant peaks and troughs which made business planning difficult. A steady and consistent flow of potential patient enquiries was required.

We recommended an integrated digital approach that would utilise both short and long term strategies. For the short term we would utilise PPC marketing to instantly raise the patient enquiry volume but would also implement a medium to long term SEO campaign that would enable KlearMinds to reduce their PPC expenditure month by month as their rankings and natural search traffic grew.

Our approach

We built out a PPC campaign that integrated full goal tracking. This enabled us to commence with a very small campaign that limited KlearMind’s exposure to click costs. Once we were able to establish that spend was resulting in a positive return on the investment we steadily increased the budget spend whilst continually monitoring the campaign to make sure that target cost per lead figures were achieved.

To drive forward natural search rankings we put together a content marketing campaign that focuses on creating highly useful and informative content that third party health sites would want to publish. The health sector is extremely competitive so this meant high value content would be required. Infographics were the natural choice.

The results

  • Reaching high targets for costs per lead whilst maintaining volume
  • Keeping click costs down without losing volume
  • Site visibility was maximised which resulted in an increase in traffic

Achieving the target cost per lead was relatively straight forward because the competition for KlearMind’s target keywords were not running particularly sophisticated campaigns. Once the target was achieved we shifted the focus to bringing down the cost per lead whilst maintaining the initial volume that had been achieved. By focusing very heavily on raising the quality score of the campaign to the highest level possible we were able to drive the click costs down but maintain the same advert positions in order to ensure that volume did not fall.

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