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WorthAShare.com — Case Study

WorthAShare.com is a start up content and community based website that curates viral content from across the web. It features posts on all manner of subjects such as entertainment, technology, lifestyle and comedy. With the help of Surge the website managed to reach over 150,000 views for a single piece of content.

The brief

To design & build a platform that would make for high user engagement rates and social sharing. The aim was to create a basic site for content that was worth sharing and would be popular with online communities, using social media to increase traffic and user engagement.


Our approach

We built a website where imagery was at the core of the design concept. Conversion testing software was utilised to monitor and measure user engagement rates on a 1st draft of the site which enabled us to produce a final version that was optimised both to increase user engagement levels with the site but also to increase the share rate for content on the site.

The results

  • Over 16,000 social shares on social networking websites such as Facebook and Twitter
  • 12+ pieces of content have managed to get views within the thousands
  • Over 1,000 followers on Twitter within 3 months

Up to 400 visits per day within two months of the site’s launch was testament of the success our design and social optimisation achieved.

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